Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Hate Twilight — 19

He clung onto me as if his very life depended on it. His shaking was slowly dying down so I rested my head on his muscular shoulder, letting the cold engulf me. But he reluctantly let me go as soon as my stomach let out an angry growl.
I walked over to the phone and called room service, sensing that Edward wouldn’t want to go out anywhere.
I ordered what I wanted to eat and walked over to where Edward was sitting. I sat on his lap and curled up, resting my right side on his chest, he wrapped his arms around me keeping me in place.
If someone were to tell me a few weeks ago that I’d be willingly in Edward’s arms, I would have killed them. But here I was, with my head on his shoulder as he whispered sweet nothings into my ear. I moved my head away from his shoulder, also uncurling myself, as I placed my hand on his cold cheek, letting him lean into it.
“Edward, please don’t do that again. And I... Edward, I...” I was about to spill my feelings out to him when a knock on the door echoed throughout the room, making Edward growl irritably.
I got out of his arms and made my way towards the door, but before I could open it, cold arms snaked their way around my waist as I felt a cold chest press against my back, which made me roll my eyes. I was starting to accept Edward, and I was starting to fall for him. Hard.
I opened the door to see a boy about the same age as Edward and I.
“Your food, Mrs. Cullen,” he said as I looked at him strangely, feeling Edward shift a little as my eyes snapped onto him with a glare.
“Thank you,” I managed in an almost calm voice.
Once the door was shut again, I moved out of Edward’s arms. “Well?” I snapped, knowing that he longed for that title to be true.
I hugged him around his waist with an irritated sigh, feeling him kiss my head. I was still mad at him for everything, and I didn’t want to love or even like him — but I knew that I indeed loved him.
I rubbed my hand up and down his chest as I buried my face into his neck. I broke away from him, making him wine, but I ignored him and just ate my food.
Once full, I stood at the balcony looking out into the distance, when Edward appeared next to me.
“What, Edward?” I sighed, annoyed.
“I love you,” he said, burying his face into my hair. I opened my mouth to say something... anything.
I wanted to push him away and tell him to leave me alone, but my body betrayed me. I turned into his arms to wrap mine around him, and placed a soft kiss on his lips. I muttered the three words that I would have never said to him a few days ago: “I love you.”
I saw his face light up with a smile that made me smile in return.
He held me closer and said, “You don’t know how much this means to me.”

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