Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Hate Twilight – 4

I awakened the next morning to the sound of my alarm clock blasting in my ears. I got out of bed leaving the alarm on while I walked into the bathroom.
After my shower I walked back into my room with a towel on, I rooted through my closet and decided to wear my purple skinny jeans, an orange shirt that said ‘girls fake orgasms, but guys fake relationships’ in bold black writing.
The alarm continued as I put on my wrist bands, clipped a chain to my jeans and drew a tattoo on my neck. I danced back into the bathroom to put on my eyeliner and fix my hair.
I stopped in the middle of my room thinking if I should put my lip rings in.
Might as well, I thought with a shrug.
So I walked back into the bathroom and put them in along with my star earrings. When I was finished, I picked up my blink 182 bag from the side of my bed and ensured I had my phone and iPod. I started to walk down the stairs when I heard Marie talking to some one.
“She’ll be down in a minute,” she said to the person.
“OK,” I heard a male voice reply.
“Phoebe, get your butt down here, Edward is waiting for you.”
I stopped in mid-step with a look of disgust on my face. No way, I thought angrily. I had already told her I’d prefer walk, so I tiptoed back to my room, opened my window, and threw my bag onto the ground.
Once I was on the window ledge, I jumped to the tree that was next to my window, and luckily I caught it; I really didn’t want to be plant food.
I shimmied down the tree to the ground, picking my bag up. I looked around. After not spotting anyone, I shrugged my shoulders and walked off.
I was about half way to school when a car stopped next to me. I just ignored it and carried on walking.
“Hey you.”
I was getting annoyed, so I pulled out my iPod and put the plugs in my ears. Nodding my head along to Again by Flyleaf, I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. Spinning around, I came face to face with my most hated Twilight character; the sparkling she man Edward Cullen.
“What do you want?” I asked in a dull tone.
“I was supposed to be taking you to school,” he answered.
“Your point being? You know, I have legs, so I’m using them.”
“Just get in car.”
“No! I’m walking so leave me alone.”
When I started moving again, I heard him give a sad sigh, but I could care less.
I reached the school about five minutes later with Edward driving behind me. Rolling my eyes, I walked into the office to collect my timetable and locker number.
“Hi, I’m Phoebe and I’m here for my stuff,” I said to the office lady, trying to be polite.
“Oh here you are,” she said rudely while looking my up and down with disgust. Rolling my eyes, I left the old hag to her work.
Looking at my timetable, I found out that my lessons for today were:
Art 8.45 — 9.45
Maths 9.45 — 10.45
Break 10.45 — 11.00
History 11.00 — 12.00
English 12.00 — 1.00
Lunch 1.00 — 2.00
PE 2.00 — 3.00
“Great,” I sighed. The only lesson I would enjoy was art. Grumbling, I strolled to my locker, which was easy to find. I stuffed my bag in after taking my phone out and putting it into my pocket. Shutting my locker I came face to face with yet again with sparkly butt.
“Stop following me!” I yelled in his face. I departed to my art room.
I went to where the teacher was seated, and handed him my slip that needed to be signed.
“Hello, I’m Mr. Jones, tell everyone about yourself.”
“Um, OK, my name is Phoebe. I like drawing and music. Hate jerks, sparkly dickheads and everything mythical,” I said, looking directly at Edward.
“Great. There’s a spare seat beside Edward Cullen. Edward raise your hand.”
I gave the teacher a glare before dragging my feet to where I had to sit. I took back everything I said about art.
When I looked over at him, he was wearing smug smirk on his pale stupid face. So with a glare I turned back to the teacher.
“Today, we are just going to do free drawing. Your artworks are due in next lesson,” Mr. Jones announced.
I walked to the front of the class and got some paper; I sat back down and started to draw.
“Hi, I’m—”
“I know and I don’t care,” I interrupted him, hoping that he’d get the message that I wanted him to leave me alone.
At the end of the lesson I placed my drawing into the tray that had my name on it and made a beeline for maths.
I walked into maths and froze. Sitting there in all his smugness was Edward, gazing at me with Alice next to him looking zoned out, but she soon snapped out of it and beamed at me.
The only seat left was… gr. Not saying anything, I turned on the balls of my heel and stalked out of the class. I walked up some stairs, through a door and found myself on the roof. I walked over to the side and sat down.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Hate Twilight – 3

I sprang from my bed instantaneously, searching for hidden cameras, but found none. So I trudged down stairs to the kitchen for something to eat.
“Ah, Phoebe, here you are.”
I looked down at the spaghetti in front of me. I mumbled thanks, and began eating.
“Now Phoebe, you start school tomorrow therefore I have been next-door, and their son is happy to drop you off and show you around.”
“OK, who is it?”
“Oh, his name is Edward, Edward Cullen.”
I almost choked. “No, I think I’ll walk; I need the exercise,” I replied, not looking at my so-called foster mother. After I had finished eating, I went back upstairs to collect my camera. I walked back into the kitchen to were my foster mum—whose name I later learnt was Marie—was washing the dishes.
“Hey, I’m going to take the car for a bit, OK?” I asked.
“Sure, just be safe,” she consented.
I grabbed the keys from the side and walked out of the front door making sure I had my phone with me. I got into the car and drove down to LaPush. I parked at the beach and started to take photos of anything and everything.
I saw a couple walking across the beach, so I went up to them.
“Uhm, excuse me, but would you mind if I took a photograph of the two of you walking down the beach, please? You can both have a copy as well.”
“Alright,” said the girl.
“Thanks. So can you go over there, and just stroll as you naturally would, just pretend that I’m not here.”
The couple walked over to where I’d pointed. They started walking, when the man stopped and wrapped his arms around the girl’s waist, lifting her up and twirling her around, while she laughed. So I took a snap.
They carried on down the beach, swaying their arms around. I took another.
When they reached the point where I had asked them to stop, the man bent down and lovingly kissed the girl’s lips. I took another photo. I walked over to them.
“Hey thanks, I’m Phoebe. Do you want me to give you my address so I can give you the copies?”
They bot nodded their hands and gave me their address, smiling at each other. Once they had left, I drove back home.
“Phoebe, is that you?”
“Well, who else is it going to be?”
“What were you doing?” she asked as I walked into the kitchen.
“Do you sleep in here, too?”
“Ha-ha, very funny. Just answer me.”
“OK, OK, I went down to LaPush and took some photographs.”
“Oh. Of what?”
“Well, I saw a couple and asked if I could take some photos of them walking down the beach. What to see?”
With an answering nod, we went to my room, I sat at my computer plugging my camera in and uploading the images. I pulled them up and Marie gasped in shock.
“Wow, these are really good,” she complimented.
“Thanks. I need to print off some copies for the couple,” I said with a yawn. I looked at my clock, not knowing just how long I had been out for.
Upon seeing it was ten, I got changed, brushed my teeth and hair, and then went to bed. But before I went to sleep, I had the strangest feeling I was being watched.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Hate Twilight – 2

Once I had reached the safety of my bedroom, I collapsed on my bed. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, smiled at the screen saying I had received a text from my boyfriend, Michael.
He’s the heartthrob of the school, and all mine. Opening the text, my heart fell.
Hey baby, I’m sorry but it’s over.
I read the text over and over for the shock the wear off, tears streamed down my face. I walked over to my bathroom and pulled out three sleeping pills.
I walked back to my bed, stuffed the pills into my mouth and shallowed hard without water. I fell asleep within seconds.
I was awakened by a beeping sound. Confused, I turned my head and looked around. Oh, so I’m in the hospital... wait... the hospital.. but I was just in my room.
My thinking was cut short when a blond-haired and pale skinned doctor walked in. I’m sure I have seen him somewhere before—but where?
“Hmm Miss.”
“You were brought here by your foster mother,” he told me, “By the looks of it, you overdosed on sleeping pills. You can leave now, your mother’s in the waiting room.”
With a warm and knowing smile, he left the room—
Wait; did he just say foster mother?!
I got out of the hospital bed and walked into the waiting room, well after changing, of course. When I stepped into the waiting room, I was pulled into the outstretched arms of a brown-haired, brown eyed forty year old woman. I hugged her back awkwardly. From the corner of my eye, I could see a boy about my age, pale with honey coloured eyes. And then I remembered were I had seen the doctor... No. I had to be dreaming, this is a nightmare. It has to be. The woman let me go, so I gave her a small smile. We walked out of the hospital and to her car. I got in and we drove off.
“You must be more careful, you start school tomorrow,” she said.
“Fine,” I mumbled slumping in my seat, looking at the forest that I longed to be in to take photos.
We finally reached the house.
I walked in and went up stairs immediately, but not knowing which room was mine, I looked in all of them until I came across a room I guessed was mine, as it was filled with posters of all my favourite bands.
As soon as I flopped onto my bed, my phone started playing Undisclosed Desires by Muse, notifying that someone was ringing me. I looked at the front of my phone to find the caller was Cindy.
“Cindy, where are you? Why do I have a foster mum? Why—”
I was cut off her laughter. “Phoebe, you take the role too seriously.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean we are watching you on TV now. They’ve made Twilight into a television program. Anyway, I thought you hated Twilight?”

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Hate Twilight – 1

I felt the bed and I move up and down; confused I looked up from my pillow only to have some plastic item shoved in my face. I kicked my sister’s legs until I heard a satisfying thud. I turned around, falling back to sleep when the brat started to talk.
“Phoebe, get up,” my sister Amanda wined.
“Get lost, I’m sleeping,” I commanded.
“But you’re talking.”
“I sleep talk. Now, get lost!”
“But, but— but it’s one in the afternoon.”
“You’re point being?”
“Fine then, we will not watch the new film mum just bought us.”
“Ok, ok I’m up. Out so I can get dressed.”
When I heard the door shut I stumbled out of bed, trying my hardest not to trip over the clothes scattered over my dark purple carpet.
I walked into the shower after stripping off. My day was not good so far, as I washed in freezing cold water, seeing as someone had used up all the hot water. After cursing my eldest sister Cindy and drying off, I walked back into my room with only a towel around me. As I was stupid enough not to bring clothes with me, I walked into my closet and decided to wear my neon green skinny jeans, with a red shirt saying: ‘why vampires and werewolves, when zombies are the shit!’ I laughed a little reading my shirt, whilst putting on my bangles, and lastly inserting my lip ring and earrings.
Walking down the stairs, the aroma of chocolate chip pancakes tempted me, making my stomach growl like a hungry lion. Upon reaching the kitchen I spotted Cindy about to consume her pancakes, when I thought of a way to get her back for using all the hot water. I dived in and snatched the plate before she managed to pick one up with her fork.
“What the hell, Phoebe!”
“Serves you right for using all the hot water,” I said, sticking my tongue out at her.
“You what—?!” Mum bellowed.
Giggling, I stuffed the yummy goodness into my mouth. I straightened up once finishing, and placed my plate in the sink.
I walked into the living room, only to stumble upon Amanda sitting on the floor looking at me with an innocent expression. I suddenly became frightened. Amanda glanced behind her and nodded.
Slowly, I turned to see Cindy glaring at me evilly, rope in hands. But what made me even more scared was the Twilight DVD my mum held in her well manicured hands. With a gulp I ran for the stairs, just to run into Melody, Cindy’s best friend.
I felt myself being lifted up and placed onto a chair. I turned to see my dad looking at me sympathetically, but I just glared. As soon as my small butt hit the chair, a rope was wrapped around me so I couldn’t escape. The rope was also around my hands and legs.
“You traitor!” I yelled at my dad.
“I’m sorry,” he pleaded, “But if I have to put up with it, then you do too.”
“But it’s Twilight, I’ll die!”
They just ignored me, turned the TV on and pressed ‘play’. I was laughing on the inside, suckers I thought, before I fell asleep during the previews.
I felt myself being shaken, so I woke up smiling.
I said, “So now that the ‘movie’ is over, I can go shoot myself, right?”
“No. You’ve only been asleep for five minutes.”
“Why do you hate me God? Why? What did I do wrong... oh wait ... yeah, well I’m sorry about the time I flushed Cindy’s Barbie down the toilet, but it was glaring at and plotting against me, I swear, And the time I took Amanda’s flip-flops and ran about with them on my head at the skate park, then sold them. But other than that, what have I done wrong—” I got cut off by Amanda and Cindy shouting ‘what?’
I looked around noticing that Melody was not here, but much to my displeasure, she returned and—oh joy—had duck tape with her... what is she... NO!
“Now hold still,” Cindy instructed in a sickly sweet voice as she taped my eyelids open.
“Hey, this is child cruelty, help!” I yelled.
“Don’t you think this is a bit too much?” Dad asked.
“NO,” all the girls replied.
“Why God, why?” I whispered.
As the film started, I let out a moan of disgust, and said such things as: “Why would you want some fag who sparkles? I mean come one, he’s not even that good-looking.” “Ha-ha looks like someone just shot his puppy, it was probably me.” “Gosh, why doesn’t he just get over himself and bite the bitch?” And plenty of other things like that throughout the movie, which earned my being grounded for a month on behalf of insulting Mum’s precious Edward Cullen.
“Now that the film’s over, can I go shoot myself?”
Everyone just sat there talking about how good the film was.
“Well, someone untie me!”
Once I was untied, I stomped up to my bedroom.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fallen Leaf

I drew a face...on a dropping leaf
a sketch of someone I know...yet have no clue about
a smile...
that has no owner....
identity lost....
something like a ghost
I wonder when why n whom would fit in that Portrait I’ve drawn
human being yet with no flesh nor bone
someone that fits my soul
someone to be my love my life and all
someone through I could see my life
colourless as it lies on my chest...
hold it to my chest all night long.. and wish for the best...
for me this could be a test
will I succeed...or will I fail like the rest
the rest of us who fight hard to win something
ending up losing everything
I still stand in front of the mirror as I ask
did I fulfill each and every task...
the mirror answers back...
you were going on life's perfect track
it's one way path one shot gun
closing my eyes as I hear a voice...
you are not only a choice
you are a life of being...a picture of seeing
take life step by step till it ends
no angel can stand by as you pretend...
life is too short to accomplish nothing
to your beloved you are something
to yourself you might not be everything
yet inside someone's heard you may be missing
give it a try before it's too late...
too late to see...
stuff the way it should be...
so be free...
to fall off this tree...
as you draw on it's fallen leaf...writing on it your life of happiness....and grief..