Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Hate Twilight – 4

I awakened the next morning to the sound of my alarm clock blasting in my ears. I got out of bed leaving the alarm on while I walked into the bathroom.
After my shower I walked back into my room with a towel on, I rooted through my closet and decided to wear my purple skinny jeans, an orange shirt that said ‘girls fake orgasms, but guys fake relationships’ in bold black writing.
The alarm continued as I put on my wrist bands, clipped a chain to my jeans and drew a tattoo on my neck. I danced back into the bathroom to put on my eyeliner and fix my hair.
I stopped in the middle of my room thinking if I should put my lip rings in.
Might as well, I thought with a shrug.
So I walked back into the bathroom and put them in along with my star earrings. When I was finished, I picked up my blink 182 bag from the side of my bed and ensured I had my phone and iPod. I started to walk down the stairs when I heard Marie talking to some one.
“She’ll be down in a minute,” she said to the person.
“OK,” I heard a male voice reply.
“Phoebe, get your butt down here, Edward is waiting for you.”
I stopped in mid-step with a look of disgust on my face. No way, I thought angrily. I had already told her I’d prefer walk, so I tiptoed back to my room, opened my window, and threw my bag onto the ground.
Once I was on the window ledge, I jumped to the tree that was next to my window, and luckily I caught it; I really didn’t want to be plant food.
I shimmied down the tree to the ground, picking my bag up. I looked around. After not spotting anyone, I shrugged my shoulders and walked off.
I was about half way to school when a car stopped next to me. I just ignored it and carried on walking.
“Hey you.”
I was getting annoyed, so I pulled out my iPod and put the plugs in my ears. Nodding my head along to Again by Flyleaf, I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. Spinning around, I came face to face with my most hated Twilight character; the sparkling she man Edward Cullen.
“What do you want?” I asked in a dull tone.
“I was supposed to be taking you to school,” he answered.
“Your point being? You know, I have legs, so I’m using them.”
“Just get in car.”
“No! I’m walking so leave me alone.”
When I started moving again, I heard him give a sad sigh, but I could care less.
I reached the school about five minutes later with Edward driving behind me. Rolling my eyes, I walked into the office to collect my timetable and locker number.
“Hi, I’m Phoebe and I’m here for my stuff,” I said to the office lady, trying to be polite.
“Oh here you are,” she said rudely while looking my up and down with disgust. Rolling my eyes, I left the old hag to her work.
Looking at my timetable, I found out that my lessons for today were:
Art 8.45 — 9.45
Maths 9.45 — 10.45
Break 10.45 — 11.00
History 11.00 — 12.00
English 12.00 — 1.00
Lunch 1.00 — 2.00
PE 2.00 — 3.00
“Great,” I sighed. The only lesson I would enjoy was art. Grumbling, I strolled to my locker, which was easy to find. I stuffed my bag in after taking my phone out and putting it into my pocket. Shutting my locker I came face to face with yet again with sparkly butt.
“Stop following me!” I yelled in his face. I departed to my art room.
I went to where the teacher was seated, and handed him my slip that needed to be signed.
“Hello, I’m Mr. Jones, tell everyone about yourself.”
“Um, OK, my name is Phoebe. I like drawing and music. Hate jerks, sparkly dickheads and everything mythical,” I said, looking directly at Edward.
“Great. There’s a spare seat beside Edward Cullen. Edward raise your hand.”
I gave the teacher a glare before dragging my feet to where I had to sit. I took back everything I said about art.
When I looked over at him, he was wearing smug smirk on his pale stupid face. So with a glare I turned back to the teacher.
“Today, we are just going to do free drawing. Your artworks are due in next lesson,” Mr. Jones announced.
I walked to the front of the class and got some paper; I sat back down and started to draw.
“Hi, I’m—”
“I know and I don’t care,” I interrupted him, hoping that he’d get the message that I wanted him to leave me alone.
At the end of the lesson I placed my drawing into the tray that had my name on it and made a beeline for maths.
I walked into maths and froze. Sitting there in all his smugness was Edward, gazing at me with Alice next to him looking zoned out, but she soon snapped out of it and beamed at me.
The only seat left was… gr. Not saying anything, I turned on the balls of my heel and stalked out of the class. I walked up some stairs, through a door and found myself on the roof. I walked over to the side and sat down.

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ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

:D yay I have been waiting for this...

ツ♥Maly™♥ said...

hey I forgot to tell you theres a tag for you at 7things :)

Anonymous said...

Well done girl! You so need to send this to Stephanie Myers. LOL I wonder what she would think of it. Seriously though I bet she likes it! It is really good.

mollie.mae said...

bahah this is awesome. You're a great writer, I love it :D

Sir Miffington Quack Quack said...

Silly, if you were going to send this to Stephanie Myer you'd hope that she doesnt like it. If she did, it would mean that it was poorly written and generally horrific. Which it is not.

Hahaha, that was an awesome story. :)