Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Hate Twilight – 2

Once I had reached the safety of my bedroom, I collapsed on my bed. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, smiled at the screen saying I had received a text from my boyfriend, Michael.
He’s the heartthrob of the school, and all mine. Opening the text, my heart fell.
Hey baby, I’m sorry but it’s over.
I read the text over and over for the shock the wear off, tears streamed down my face. I walked over to my bathroom and pulled out three sleeping pills.
I walked back to my bed, stuffed the pills into my mouth and shallowed hard without water. I fell asleep within seconds.
I was awakened by a beeping sound. Confused, I turned my head and looked around. Oh, so I’m in the hospital... wait... the hospital.. but I was just in my room.
My thinking was cut short when a blond-haired and pale skinned doctor walked in. I’m sure I have seen him somewhere before—but where?
“Hmm Miss.”
“You were brought here by your foster mother,” he told me, “By the looks of it, you overdosed on sleeping pills. You can leave now, your mother’s in the waiting room.”
With a warm and knowing smile, he left the room—
Wait; did he just say foster mother?!
I got out of the hospital bed and walked into the waiting room, well after changing, of course. When I stepped into the waiting room, I was pulled into the outstretched arms of a brown-haired, brown eyed forty year old woman. I hugged her back awkwardly. From the corner of my eye, I could see a boy about my age, pale with honey coloured eyes. And then I remembered were I had seen the doctor... No. I had to be dreaming, this is a nightmare. It has to be. The woman let me go, so I gave her a small smile. We walked out of the hospital and to her car. I got in and we drove off.
“You must be more careful, you start school tomorrow,” she said.
“Fine,” I mumbled slumping in my seat, looking at the forest that I longed to be in to take photos.
We finally reached the house.
I walked in and went up stairs immediately, but not knowing which room was mine, I looked in all of them until I came across a room I guessed was mine, as it was filled with posters of all my favourite bands.
As soon as I flopped onto my bed, my phone started playing Undisclosed Desires by Muse, notifying that someone was ringing me. I looked at the front of my phone to find the caller was Cindy.
“Cindy, where are you? Why do I have a foster mum? Why—”
I was cut off her laughter. “Phoebe, you take the role too seriously.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean we are watching you on TV now. They’ve made Twilight into a television program. Anyway, I thought you hated Twilight?”

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