Monday, May 3, 2010

I Hate Twilight – 16


After Phoebe shoved my arm away, I felt like something was missing. The warmth and electricity I always felt when we touched was gone; I longed for it to return. I wanted to hold her warm, soft body in my arms, have her head lay on my chest as I run my finger through her silky brown hair, to have her look at me in that way..
I was rudely snapped out of my thoughts by the grey-haired woman in the driver’s seat, who was coughing me and my love’s attention. I didn’t like the look of this woman one bit, but my dislike for her quickly turned to hatred. I looked at her in disgust about what she was thinking about me. I turned furious at the snide thoughts she had of my love.
“Well come on dear, we don’t have all day. I’m your care worker,” she said to Phoebe, flashing her rotting yellow teeth in what she thought was a stunning smile. I watched as Phoebe climbed into the back seat instead of the passenger side. My eyes flew to the woman once again.
There was no way I’ll leave my Phoebe with that blobby creature. I climbed into the back with my love, and it surprised me when she said nothing and clung to my arm.
I smiled at my Phoebe pulling her to my chest, and instead of protesting, she actually snuggled into me more. I was jumping for joy inside.


I watched the car drive off, worried. I knew Edward was with Phoebe in the car, but how will he react when he finds out?
I looked at the floor as I felt two strong arms enclose around my waist. I spun around in Jasper’s arms, placing a light kiss on his lips.
“Everything will be fine, you saw them both together in the end,” he whispered into my ear as I rested my head on his chest, wondering how it would feel if he had a heartbeat.


There was something about this woman that didn’t seem right. I was so relieved when Edward climbed into the back seat next to me, but I will never tell anyone that.
The feel of Edward’s arms wrapping around me snapped me out of my thoughts, and I just felt so safe and loved, like nothing could harm me, and I knew for a fact that Edward would never let me get hurt.
I needed comfort badly so I cuddled into Edward’s chest, still looking at this woman driving us to my house. She had protested when Edward got in the car, but after a deadly glare from me she just shut up. But I wonder why she protested in the first place. I mean, at first she thought we were girlfriend and boyfriend, so why would she object? That thought about me and Edward make my cheeks heat up just a little, and I’m sure that he’d heard the blood rush to my cheeks, and could feel the extra warmth on his chest.
I titled my head upwards to see Edward staring at the woman with uneasy eyes. I didn’t trust her either. So to grab his attention I did the unthinkable: I kissed him.

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