Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Hate Twilight – 15

I took a step towards Rosalie, but she didn’t seem to notice. She was too busy telling me how to live my life. But she sure did notice me when she was on the floor with a red mark beneath her eye. My hand stung a little, though not as much as I thought it would. She looked at me in shock from the floor. People started to gather around and whisper to each other; some were even egging us to fight.
I grabbed her hair and slammed her into a wall, almost knocking it completely over. I looked down at her with a glare that could scare even the meanest of vampires, for example, Rosalie who was shaking a little getting up off the ground, as her family rushed over to her. They hissed and growled at me, making me roll my eyes at them.
I walked out of the school gritting my teeth when I got a phone call. I looked at the screen to see a number I didn’t recognise flashing.
“What?” I said curtly into the receiver.
“Hello, I am Officer Stanley. Is this Phoebe Starr?” came the voice from the other end.
“Yes, why?”
“I’m sorry to say this, but... your foster mother has recently passed away. A care worker will be sent around to pick you up shortly.”
I froze in place, my throat tightened and my eyes started to water a little. What just happened? Once the shock had passed, I snapped my phone shut, not saying anything.
I walked back into the school to be greeted by sad and sympathetic faces. Ignoring them, I went over to my locker.
I leaned my back against it and slid down. Looking at the floor, I saw a pair of sneakers in front of me. I looked up to see Carmen and three other people dressed like her, standing around her.
“Aw, does the orphan want to cry?” she cooed, as the other girls laughed.
“I don’t blame her for killing herself, I mean, I would if you were my daughter.”
“But, like, didn’t she like, adopt her?” said the blond to Carmen’s right.
“Why did she do that in the first place? I would have left her to rot!” a brown-haired girl said, as if I wasn’t right in front of her.
“I bet she was up for adoption because her mum didn’t want her.”
“Ha-ha, nobody loves you.”
I just tried to ignore them, as I stared at the floor waiting for this stupid care worker to appear.
“Aw, is baby going to cry because no one loves you?”
“You will die alone. No one will want a family with you.”
“You’re going to die alone.”
“Why don’t you just kill yourself now?”
“It’s not like anyone would miss you.”
“Or care.” They all started to laugh in unison, which was adding fuel to my anger.
I stood up right in front of Carmen, when I heard a loud growl. I turned my head to see Edward and Alice glaring at the girl.
“Leave her alone,” Edward said, wrapping his arm around my waist. Won’t he just give up? First I turned his sister against him, then I beat his sister up; but neither has worked!
They all ran off, leaving the three of us alone. Once they were out of sight, I pulled Edward’s arms off of me.
“We know about your mum and we’re all very sorry, we’ll forgive you for what you did to Rosalie.” Alice smiled at me.
“And we talked to our parents, and they are more than willing to adopt you,” Edward finished excitedly, not giving me the chance to say anything after Alice had spoken.
“Thanks, but no thanks,” I said, before walking into the rain and waited in the car park.
Before Edward had the time to walk over to me, a snot green car pulled up next to me. The screen rolled down to reveal a woman who looked to be in her late 40’s. She had greying brown hair, blue eyes, and a chubby face. When she opened the passenger’s door from the inside, I saw that she was indeed bulgy in size.
I just looked at her strangely.
“Well get in dear, you’ll get a cold if you stay out,” she said in a sickly sweet voice.
I then felt a cold arm around my waist and felt like screaming.
“Dear, is this your boyfriend?” She looked Edward up and down.
“No,” I said coldly, pushing his arm away.

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