Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Hate Twilight — 13

Just as our lips were about to touch, I moved my head to the side at the last minute. I couldn’t do that to Carmen.
“What’s wrong?” Jacob asked.
“I can’t do that to Carmen,” I said standing up, shaking my head to get the thought of how his lips would have felt against mine.
I walked back into my bedroom to see an aggravated Edward sitting on my bed. I did like Jacob just a smidge. I turned back to Jacob, ignoring Edward.
“I thought you imprinted on Carmen.”
“Well, you see… I… err,” he trailed off.
“He didn’t. He thought he did, but he didn’t,” Edward said coldly.
Jacob looked at me hopefully, but I just hung my head. In a sad voice I said, “I’m sorry Jacob, I still can’t.” I could never hurt one of my friends like that.
“Fine,” Jacob said angrily. “I will make you mine.” He stormed over to my window and jumped out, then ran into the woods.
Why was it that every mythical creature wanted me? All I wanted was to be back home with my friends, my family, my terrible ex-boyfriend who I still needed to slap.
I walked over to Edward and opened my arms. I didn’t care who he was at that minute, I just needed someone to hold me. He more than happily wrapped his arms around me.
He pulled me up and walked over to the bed. He sat down, pulling me onto his lap. I curled up against his chest, letting tears roll down my cheeks.
All the drama was getting to me. I just wasn’t as strong as I thought I was. I felt Edward bury his face into my hair, breathing in my scent. But at the time, I didn’t care. I felt strangely safe and just about liked it, but I would never admit that to anyone. He started to hum, making me feel sleepy.
“Yes,” came his slightly muffled reply from my hair.
“Thank you,” I managed to say before I fell asleep.


I couldn’t believe that Phoebe was willingly in my arms. I was over the moon with happiness as I buried my face in hair, inhaling her beautiful and intoxicating scent. I will never allow that mutt to take my Phoebe from me; I will not allow anyone to take her from me.
I hummed her to sleep when her phone started to ring. I looked at the screen to see Amanda flash across it. I flipped the phone open and held it to my ear.
The other line was silent.
“Hello, who is this?” I asked getting frustrated. What if the caller wanted to hurt my Phoebe? What if—
“OMG it’s Edward Cullen!” the voice screeched into the phone. I looked at the phone. Strange.
“Yes it is, now who are you?”
“I’m Phoebe’s sister.”
“She doesn’t have one,” I said, outraged at this stupid girl for declaring to be related to my goddess.
I heard a faint whisper near the phone, then the stupid girl spoke, “I’m sorry, I called my friend instead of my sister, sorry.” She then hung up.
I looked down at my goddess and smiled, tightening my arms around her. I lifted her up and lay her in the bed. I moved to the other side of the bed and climbed in next to her.
I felt Phoebe cuddle into my side, making me smile. I wrapped my arms around her and she let out a content sigh. My smile grew wider at hearing it. Alice was right.


I felt something cold below me. I slowly open my eyes—a grey shirt? I rubbed my cheek against the material, making it move up and down.
Still half asleep I lifted my head to see Edward smiling at me, full of love. I smiled back as he kissed my forehead.
I struggled to stand since Edward iron man was holding my waist. I buried my face back into his cold hard chest.
“Edward, I need the toilet,” I muttered into his chest. He hesitantly let me go. I went into the bathroom, picking some clothes up along the way.
I returned to my bedroom an hour later fully dressed, hair and makeup done and piercings in. I found Edward sitting on my bed watching my bedroom door. When I walked in, his face lit up. I stopped in front of him, he stood up. I got on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek. “Thank you.”
He just stood there shocked, but once he looked at me his eyes flooded with love and adoration. I placed my hand on his cold marble cheek as he leaned into it, like it was his life-force.

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