Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Hate Twilight — 7

I walked into PE with Carmen, only to see Edward Cullen staring at me. This was really freaking me out now.
“So Carmen, don’t you like the fan-spastic Edward?” I said wiggling my eyebrows.

“No,” she said, laughing.
“How come? I thought everyone was brainwashed to be his little monkey fan girls.” I waved my arms about in the air as we walked up to the PE teacher.
“You can sit out this lesson,” the teacher said.
“OK, can Carmen keep me company?” I asked, batting my eyelashes.
“Fine.” He turned to everyone else.
We walked over to the benches and carried on with our conversation.
“Because I’m dating a guy named Jacob,” she continued, “And he told me not to go anywhere near Edward and his family.”
“I don’t blame him,” I muttered under my breath. Jacob Black. So that’s why I didn’t know Carmen, because he was chasing Bella in the movie. I nodded to myself. “OK, well, I don’t like him. I don’t even want to be with someone who sparkles. I mean, come one,” I rambled, not realising whether Jacob had told her about the Cullen’s or not.
“Wow, you know too. Did Edward tell you?”
OK, scratch that.
“Nope, I already knew. I’ll explain later.”
“Alright.” She looked thrilled.
“Do you want to come over to my house?”
“Sure.” She giggled, and I gave her a confused look, then followed her gaze.
She was giggling at Edward who had been hit in the head by a volleyball, as he had been staring at me all lesson. Stalker, much?
I was upset that I missed it, but when the ball hit him again, I burst out laughing. I laughed so much that tears ran down my face. I fell off the bench in laughter. I looked at Carmen to see that the same thing had happened to her.
I felt something cold pick me up. Sighing, I knew it was Edward. I looked at him to see him worried. I pouted at him, too lazy to pick up a real argument. The worry soon melted away, and was replaced by undying love and adoration. I huffed and just pointed to the girls’ locker-room. Hey, what can I say, at least he’s good for something!
I walked out of the girls’ locker-room only to be graced with Edward’s presence. Rolling my eyes, I waited for Carmen to come out, hoping she’d hurry up.
“Hmm... hey Phoebe.”
“What?” I sighing, not in the mood for him.
“Well, I wondering... if you wanted to come to my house to meet my family... right now,” he stuttered a little.
“No. Carmen’s coming over, and frankly, I just—don't—want—to.”
With Carmen at my side, I walked away from a hurt and broken Edward Cullen.
“Oh, is it fine if Jacob comes?” she asked.
“Yes, that’s fine,” I replied and heard Edward growl.

At my house, I opened the front door and waited for Carmen to come in, then closed it.
“Hey Marie,” I greeted walking into the kitchen, where she was, surprise surprise.
“Carmen, this is Marie, she lives in the kitchen. I swear she hides her pillow and blanket in the pantry.” Saying that earned me a smack up the side of my head. I laughed at her. “Marie, this is my hubba bubba Carmen. She’s cool, and helped me sacrifice Mike to the mystery meat of doom,” I said overdramatically waving my arms around.
“Is she always like this?” Carmen asked.
“Yes, you get used to it,” Marie answered, bored.
“I’m not loved,” I said, with anime teardrops coming from you eyes.
“Yes, you are,” a voice replied in my ears, my back beginning engulfed in a sudden coldness.
“Get lost. Me no likey you.” I slowly wiggling around, trying to get out of the death-trap he called a ‘hug’.
“Phoebe,” Marie scolded.
I sighed, and led Carmen upstairs.
I closed the door behind me and sat on my bed. I cursed in my head when the bed sank down little further as Edward sat beside me.
He was about to put his arms around me. Hurry up, Jacob! I swear if that arm touches me, I will chop it off then feed it to my imaginary blue and purple zebra, I screamed in my head.
From the corner of my eye I saw Edward tense, which would only mean that Jacob was here.
About time.
“Abby!” Marie shouted from downstairs, signaling that someone was at the door.
“OK, OK woman,” I said, walking down the stairs, then dragged my feet to the door as a bouncy and giddy Carmen skipped behind me.
“About time,” I said, pulling him into the house by his shirt.
“Hi.” He looked at me, confused.
“Jacob!” Carmen squealed, jumping into his arms. He twirled her around, before putting her down and giving her a kiss.
“A leech is here,” Jacob sneered.
“I know,” I growled, “Edward won’t leave me alone. I’m being stalked by the idiot glitter police. Oh, and I’m Phoebe.”
Jacob laughed, and then smiled at me.
“Do you want to watch a movie?” I asked, seeing as there was nothing else to do. Their heads nodded a ‘yes’. “OK, just go through there, and the DVDs are in the draws beneath the TV.”

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