Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Hate Twilight — 12


Everything was going perfectly, for my Phoebe loved me. Even though it was for a short period of time, it still meant the world to me.
I was at her window waiting for her to open it. Jasper nodded to me, telling me that he had changed her emotion.
I was so happy when I saw her eyes light up at the sight of me, especially when I called her my mate. Everything was going great until she shoved me off her.
Jasper, I thought angrily, glaring out the window knowing he had left. I looked at her feeling hurt and rejected. I knew that for now she didn’t care, but she would soon. Soon I will be her world, as she is mine. If I couldn’t have her, then no one could.
To make things worse, that stupid mutt came into the room anxious. Through listening to his thoughts, I discovered that the flea bag had feelings for my Phoebe.
I almost lost it when she pulled him into the bathroom and I heard the thoughts he was having. I started to growl and snarl at Jacob to not go in there, but all he did was smirk at me as the bathroom door closed.
I will not let the mutt have her. I thought he’d already imprinted on that girl who came to Phoebe’s house that other day.
Lost in thought, I didn’t notice the mutt had left the bathroom until I felt something collide with my cheek, causing me to fall to the carpet. I looked over to Phoebe, and a very small smile came to my lips as I saw the concern on her face.

Phoebe’s POV

I just shrugged the feeling off, knowing that if I was meant to be with Edward, I’d already be in love with him.
I thanked everyone in Heaven that I wasn’t meant for him. I heard Marie making her way towards my room, and I guess the boys did too, seeing as Edward dashed into my closet. Note to self: bleach closet. No, scratch that, burn the closet then dance around in a ceremonial form. I smiled and began to dance a little on the spot.
I was stopped by boiling hands on my shoulders and quiet laughter. My head snapped to see Jacob holding my shoulders. I smiled at him, looking into his eyes. Jacob smiled back, leaning in a little until a growl snapped us out of it, reminding me that Marie was heading towards my room.
I pushed Jacob into the bathroom making him fall to the floor. I shut the bathroom door just as my bedroom door burst open to reveal a worried Marie swinging a rolling pin around.
The sight of her was just too funny: her hair was defying gravity, she was wearing old flower power stuff, she wore bunny slippers, and was swinging a rolling pin in one hand, with ready-to-use pepper spray in the other.
Are you OK? I heard shouting, a thud, then laughing,” she questioned, looking around the room franticly as I tried to suppress my laughter.
“I’m fine, I was just shouting at… my… TV because Sponge Bob had just entered a weightlifting contest and, like, come one, they’re fake muscles so they can’t help him. Then I started to do a victory dance for getting the lid off my liquid paper, but I fell and started to laugh at myself.”
“OK.” She looked at me weirdly then left my room.
I sunk down to the floor laughing, before remembering the two hidden mythical creatures.
I opened the bathroom door to find Jacob still on the floor lying on his back. He looked up at me smiling. I smiled back, then he tugged at the back of my feet, making me fall on top of him.
I put my hands on his chest to pull myself up, but then he wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled me closer to him as he leaned into me, his eyes darting from my lips to my eyes. I heard a growl in the background, but blocked it out and started to lean in as well.

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