Sunday, June 27, 2010

Run, Sing and Play

A few days ago I thought of writing something to dedicate it to all my readers, friends and acquaintances and I did and forgot to press the publish button and it was all gone! Since then, I’ve been trying to gather the “right” words to write it again but I can’t seem to get them the way they were but I still have the urge to write it! So here we go:

To everyone who ever passed in my short and humble life time…

To all the true friends who stood by me and supported me…

To all those who criticized me…

To all those who smiled to me and maybe grinned at me behind my back!

To every person who I ever shook hands with…

To every girl or guy who talked to me about his/her fears…

To all those who crossed my path one any given day…

Thank you… Each and every one of you has added something to my life and to my experiences…Whether you caused me to smile or were a reason for a warm tear, whether you made me laugh or frustrated me and even if you never ever positively or negatively affected me… Each one of you is special in his/her own way… Each one of you left a footstep on the streets of my daily life…
Thank you for breathing and for being alive…

Run into the sun!

Win something you have never won!

Your life has just begun!

Run into me,

Come and set me free,

Let the past just be!

Run with a smile,

Learn me inside out for a while,

Take steps so agile!

Sing a song,

I'll try to sing along,

Don't hold it in too long!

Sing your pain away,

I know you have much to say,

Let's together savor the day!

Sing with pride,

Never again run and hide,

Look ahead your hope is wide!

Play a game,

Do it with no shame!

I will do the same!

Play in and out,

Never in your dreams doubt,

Show them what it's all about.

Play it'll be okay,

I will draw you a way,

Come on and play!

5 lovely rave reviews:

Ailish said...

That is lovely! Really it is! :)

KrippledWarrior said...

I liked it. And you're welcome

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

HEy! I love your blog... thanks for the comment you left on mine.
I'm following!

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann @

J. said...

This is lovely. You're lovely, too! I'm following your blog!

Nat Attack said...

Hello. I love your blog, must say you're awesome at your writing, and those photos are a nice breath of fresh air.