Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Ticking

The grandfather clock slowly ticks by,
I'm frozen, unable to move,
I'm sure you know why.

I won't ruin the surprise,
It's too good to just tell,
It mainly has to deal with lies,
And I'm certain you and I are going to Hell.

It began with a kiss,
That turned into a nasty fight,
But it was her that you would miss,
While you were with me that night.

You said the three words,
So I believed they were true,
Too bad they're just words,
Not to me, but to you.

I poured out my heart,
Finally letting you in,
Now I'm lost in the dark,
And the blood flow is about to begin.

I warned you,
That this wasn't a good time,
But listening is something you never do,
Still you stole everything that was mine.

Now that I'm soaked in blood,
Would fact make you stay?
Oh, I guess not,
So now it's my turn to fade away.

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KrippledWarrior said...

Sounds like Lyrics from an Emilie Autumn song!